Healing the Emotional, Moral and Spiritual Wounds of War

Welcome to Texas for Heroes


Welcome to Texas for Heroes. We provide programs for Veterans and their families, dedicated to healing the emotional, moral and spiritual wounds of war.

War is more than the official theatre of combat. Beyond physical action, it is also a battle of the spirit resulting in moral or spiritual injury and emotional trauma to the military and to the families and friends who support them.

Texas for Heroes is a non-profit(501c3)  organization dedicated to helping veterans and their families, created by veterans of various conflicts and their loved ones, many of whom have struggled with post-traumatic stress. We know how deeply the unseen, emotional wounds can affect your life. We’ve been there, and now our mission is to help our brothers and sisters-in-arms along their journey.


For Veterans and their Families

Texas for Heroes offers retreats for veterans who are looking for support in recovering from the emotional wounds of military service.  These Healing Warrior Hearts retreats give veterans an opportunity to share, understand, and process military experiences that have had an emotional impact that is still unresolved. Hundreds of veterans have experienced the life-changing and long-lasting impact of sharing their stories with veterans and supportive civilians in these retreats


Support Veterans Golf Tournament

One of our biggest fund raisers of the year is an annual golf tournament.

The next golf tournament is on Veteran’s Day. Nov 11, 2019.



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